Financial software as a service (SaaS) is a lifesaver for business owners. Not only does it promote freedom of movement, but it also provides the ultimate peace of mind. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of Deposita’s Connector software.
Financial software as a service, like Deposita's Connect platform, promotes freedom of movement and provides the ultimate peace of mind.
Wanting to remain on top of cash flow matters is the sign of a dedicated business owner. Although it’s impossible to be present on-site 24/7, technological advancements have provided a solution: software as a service –specifically, the financial kind.
Our Connector range is one such family of tools, offering an all-encompassing, real-time view of the money entering and leaving your business. Plus, it’ll ensure every transaction is accounted for and logged for reference.
This blog post first explores the software as a service basics before unpacking what to expect from Deposita’s Connector cash management solutions.

What Is Software as a Service?

Also known as on-demand or web-based software, software as a service is simply a way of providing services online. These services usually take the form of cloud-based applications. This means you don’t need to install or manually maintain the software on-site. Instead, the service provider hosts, monitors and maintains it remotely.
Software as a service models can be compared to banks. Think about it this way: banks safeguard assets in a controlled environment. They also respect clients’ privacy while offering secure, efficient and reliable one-on-one services. All this is true of software as a service providers too.

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Features and Benefits

Different business sectors have vastly different needs, which makes software as a service’s highly-customisable nature so desirable. Users can personalise applications to suit their unique enterprise requirements without affecting the shared central infrastructure. This makes data management more accessible, as you can effortlessly access specifics relevant to your business.
The fact that it automates previously manual systems is another standout perk, as businesses can significantly reduce their overheads by cutting back on menial tasks. Automatic software updates, real-time monitoring, remote access capabilities and high-level security further make software as a service a worthwhile addition to nearly any business.
Deposita's Connector software as a service family of tools acts as a control tower by providing users with a panoramic view of key performance metrics.

Introducing: Deposita Connector Software

As an industry leader, Deposita focuses on delivering an all-in-one, end-to-end value proposition.
Not only do we prioritise the development of high-tech hardware, such as that found in our popular Protector and Exchangor ranges, but we also take great care to offer world-class software. This is where our Connector platform comes into play: it connects you to your hardware and, ultimately, your bank account anytime and from anywhere.
Think of our Connector software as a control tower, which gives you a wide and clear view of key performance metrics.

What the Connector Client Portal Offers in a Nutshell

  • Displays key information required during each stage of the cash flow management cycle
  • Promotes greater accuracy in managerial decision making
  • Offers a dynamic, driven way of bringing efficiency and effectiveness to transaction administration
  • Allows custom dashboard creation, with all the desired information available in a panoramic view
  • Has full integration capabilities into third-party systems (Deposita has in excess of 25 banking and client integrations spanning the globe)

Meet the Complete Connector Software as a Service Family of Tools

Securing, consolidating and accessing your business’ financial data has never been simpler. The Connector family consists of four tools: Report, Accept, Vision and Collect. Together, they form a flexible yet powerful transaction platform that sees businesses save time and money while improving overall functionality.
First of all, Connector Report can connect to and communicate with all databases. It’s designed to work especially well with reports preloaded onto SQL server engines, which is a huge time-saver. The reporting feature is integrated with security measures that limit access to select reports and client data.
Connector Accept is the tool that allows third-party payments via a host of payment methods, ranging from coins and cash to cheques, vouchers, NFCs and cards.
Then, Connector Vision makes in-depth, remote management and monitoring possible through a desktop portal or mobile app. The Vision platform’s key features include income delivery processing, performance assessment, and acting as an information service provider. It also conducts real-time scientific transaction analyses and hardware status monitoring, increasing terminal up-time and availability.
Finally, Connector Collect is the all-encompassing cash management system that sees the complete automation and incorporation of income processing. Its three-way balancing model also enables automated reconciliation for all transactions.

Revolutionise the Way Your Business Handles Cash Flow Administration

Together, Deposita’s hardware and software solutions form an automated cash ecosystem. You can rest easy knowing all your funds are safe, secure and accounted for throughout the cash flow journey from your business to the bank. Plus, our products’ user-friendly nature makes them easy to master, so you start seeing a difference quickly.
Get in touch for your free consultation today. We’re happy to listen to your particular business needs, identify the right hardware for your business, or answer any questions regarding our Connector financial software as a service tool.
Whatever the situation, allow us to help you do more with what’s yours.

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