Why Choose A Smart-Safe?

In an era of digital transformation, our expert consultants can optimize your cash and payment management activities through innovative, tailored, solutions.


Managing cash is costly, inefficient and time-consuming when done manually. Staff spend significant amounts of time counting and reconciling money - time that could be better spent helping customers or improving your business.


Companies of all sizes, across all sectors, can benefit from an innovative, smart-safe solution. Using a smart-safe can dramatically reduce the risk of losses to shrinkage and theft.


The Deposita Protector 10 000 d-s1 can handle every detail of securing your business’s cash for you - an end-to-end solution.


Deposita’s Protector 10 000 d-s1


If you deal with large quantities of cash, internal theft or violent robberies are a constant threat. Incidents like this can harm your day-to-day cash flow and customer satisfaction.


The Deposita Protector 10 000 d-s1 keeps your money safe and passes settlement values to your designated account. It can also provide valuable business insights through detailed transaction reports from our innovative Software as a Service (SaaS), Connector.


Deposita’s Protector 10 000 d-s1


The Protector 10 000 d-s1 is a sophisticated deposit smart-safe featuring the most advanced bill verification mechanism available. Employees deposit notes that are validated, counted, and stored securely in the device safe. Access to the smart-safe is tightly controlled and limited to cash-in-transit guards to remove cash and technicians for services.

Watch our product video to learn more about our industry-leading Protector 10 000 d-s1 smart-safe.



Securing your on-site cash and provide peace of mind about value settlements are the primary reasons for installing a smart safe. We carefully design features that improve business efficiency, enhancing your cash cycle while reducing the inherent risks associated with on-site cash.


Which Businesses Should Use The Protector 10 000 d-s1 Smart-Safe?


  • Large retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail and commercial banks
  • Financial Services
  • Entertainment companies like casinos, cinemas or race tracks.
  • Manufacturers
  • Government entities
  • Public administration


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Connector - Our Financial Transaction Platform

We develop comprehensive financial software tools to create a powerful, flexible financial transaction platform to improve cash management efficiency and effectiveness across payment channels. Plus, secure, consolidate and make your data easily accessible to decision-makers.


  • Provide managers and owners information to run their business efficiently
  • Allows you to view real-time cash status on a computer, tablet, or smartphones
  • Ability to monitor multiple safes across multiple locations
  • Payment trend analysis tools
  • Data breakdown by the cashier, by shift, by transaction type
  • Allows you to optimise your cash logistics


Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Streamline time-consuming and stressful cash ups. Managers can spend less time verifying cash-ups and investigating errors. So they and your staff can spend that time improving profitability and customer satisfaction.


Download the Protector 10 000 d-s1 smart-safe brochure and read more about its features and how it can help you do more with what’s yours.


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