At Deposita, we pride ourselves on being able to match your type of business to a specific cash deposit machine. Because we believe that no two businesses are the same, we offer you a range of products tailored to suit your unique requirements. All at highly competitive rates.

However, tailored solutions aren't as effective if you don't regularly update who and what you’re customising for. That’s why we are always asking questions. Always learning. Always trying to understand a little bit more about what makes your business tick.

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Looking for the best way to know which cash deposit machine is right for your business? Using various criteria like cash volume, type of business, and the kinds of challenges your business faces, we are able to determine which Protector cash deposit machine is best for your business.


Why Choose a Deposita Cash Deposit Machine?

If your organisation deals with cash transactions, you need an effective way to keep your money safe. A Deposita cash deposit machine provides cash management solutions that automate cash handling processes.

Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, Deposita helps mitigate risks associated with accepting cash payments. The right cash deposit machine can reduce operational costs and optimise productivity.

Our Protector range is a lineup of Automated Banking Machines (ABMs). These devices are available in various models to ensure that they meet a variety of business requirements.

We applied decades of experience to design and engineer cash deposit machines that can seamlessly integrate into any business.

A Quick Breakdown of Our Protector Range of Cash Deposit Machines

Deposita’s industry-leading and internationally accredited Protector cash deposit machines ensure fewer errors, theft and shrinkage. All devices are customisable, so if you can’t find the solution you’re searching for, we can help you find the most suitable solution at the most affordable price. Here is a quick breakdown of the different products in our Protector range:

Discover how the Protector 1 200 sp cash deposit machine can help boost your business.

All Protector models come standard with 24-hour on-site monitoring and tamper notification, accurate financial reporting capabilities, and remote currency updates.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From a Cash Deposit Machine?

From fast food and retail to hospitality and corporate banking – every sector can benefit from using a cash deposit machine. However, no two businesses are the same.

At Deposita, we build our solutions in modular format, which enables us to customise our products to your exact requirements without having to reinvent the wheel.

Explore the workings of our end-to-end payment solutions.

A cash deposit machine makes managing cash transactions safer, easier and more efficient. It forms part of an automated cash management solution that accepts, validates, records and secures currency.

To find out if you should consider incorporating a cash deposit machine into your cash management process, learn more about the different kinds of businesses that can benefit from a cash deposit machine.

Deposita - How does the protector help my business thrive
Find out how Deposita can help improve your cash management process.

How Does the Protector Help My Business Thrive?

If you’re in the cash handling business, you know that it comes with a certain amount of risks. Our international standards and best practices result in error-free solutions that are trusted by local and international retailers and commercial banks alike.

We automate, integrate, safeguard and streamline cash processing through onsite cash banking using our Protector range of devices. We also provide self-service or assisted-service channels through our Exchangor range, which performs payment and settlement transactions so you and your staff can focus on your business and customers.

Some of the benefits of a Protector cash deposit machine include:

Removes risk of skimming and theft

The Protector range removes this risk of skimming or theft and lets you focus on more important matters, such as growing your business.

Ensures accurate financial reporting

When it comes to logging tax returns, it can quickly turn into a nightmare – especially where cash is involved. Our Protector range closes this gap by automating accurate financial reporting through the use of our cash deposit machines.

Reduces and streamlines cash-in-transit collections

Cash-in-transit collections can be optimised by means of a cash deposit machine.

International standard of quality and performance

Deposita’s Protector range adheres to international quality standards. Plus, all our Protector products come with a standard maintenance plan over the contract period.

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If your organisation deals with cash transactions, you need an effective way to keep your money safe. Cash deposit machines provide cash management solutions that automate cash handling processes.

At Deposita, we work with businesses of all sizes to help them mitigate risks associated with accepting cash payments. We can dramatically reduce operational costs and boost productivity.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help optimise your cash handling process so you can do more with what’s yours.

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