Like many fuel station owners, Leon Oosthuizen faced an influx of crime, impacting his business’ cash safety. Deposita had just the solution to overcome the challenge at hand: an industry-leading cash recycling machine.

Product Specialist Chris Venter has seen first-hand what difference Deposita’s cash recycling machines can make. He explained how adding an Exchangor device to Leon’s fuel station not only streamlined business dealings but also increased cash safety and reduced general mismanagement.

Tell Us About the Fuel Station Setup

Leon owns Viva Fuel Station in Vaalwater. Although remote, it is based along a main route. The fuel station mainly serves the farming community and tourists passing through the area.
Viva is part of a small shopping centre with a well-stocked convenience and liquor store. This centre performs a vital role in supporting the community. Due to several fuel price hikes, and the increased personal risk of carrying large amounts of cash, we’ve seen a trend towards credit card payments for fuel.
However, cash purchases remain a part of daily life and cannot be turned away. Whether the actual amount of money is large or small – the attention and care to maintain cash safety stay the same.

Besides increasing cash safety, how would the fuel station benefit from a Deposita device?

Trustworthy personnel are hard to find, and the inherent risk of pilferage needs a solution. Each case of employee cash theft requires management’s immediate attention, which involves HR action and time-consuming union activity. On top of that, management has to oversee floats, secure cash, and perform end-of-day and end-of-shift functions. Dealing with all this can become overwhelming.
Now, you may wonder why convenience and liquor store cashiers can’t help with cash processing. Unfortunately, this would complicate matters. The two businesses’ dealings and staff responsibilities would become intertwined, and hiring separate fuel station supervision would increase the cost of operations while adding no value.
Leon realised that the situation could quickly turn chaotic without dedicated, near-constant cash safety monitoring and control. Deposita’s reputation as a leading cash and payment management company convinced him that Viva needed one of our devices in its forecourt – to stop cash theft by employees, robberies by outsiders, and upgrade money management processes.

What cash safety concerns did Deposita need to address?

Deposita was determined to provide Viva with an effective solution that ticked several boxes. After evaluating the entire cash management cycle, we discovered the greatest concerns were:

  • Eliminating cash theft by employees
  • Immediately identifying counterfeit notes
  • Ensuring all transactions are accounted for by the initiator(s)
  • Limiting HR issues and union conflicts
  • Embracing remote management and monitoring technology
  • Simplifying cash flow reporting, analysis and management
  • Streamlining operations, requiring less monitoring from management
  • Making the process easier for attendants


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How did Deposita improve Viva’s end-to-end cash management process with an Exchangor Teller?

Deposita’s Exchangor Teller was exactly the solution required to handle the fuel station’s cash safety challenges. Since its installation, the device has improved Viva’s overall functionality.
Management and attendants are better off than before. There’s a dignity and quality of life aspect involved that money can’t buy. The Exchangor Teller protects both owners and employees, taking pressure off everyone involved in the business.
It all boils down to enhanced well-being. You can be away from the premises and still remotely manage and monitor your Deposita devices. No money goes missing. Nothing happens without you knowing about it.
Both employees and management benefit from Deposita devices'  enhanced cash safety features.


It Fast-Tracks Administrative Processes

“After the Exchangor Teller’s installation, we experienced significant time savings. This allowed management to be present at the forecourt more often to focus on customer service and attendant training. Fast-tracked float and cash-up admin allowed us to make do with less staff since the manager could now handle it all. Attendants’ fuel sales also improved because of more time spent on the forecourt than at the cashier window.” – Leon Oosthuizen, owner of Viva Fuel Station
The addition of an Exchangor Teller saw productivity soar as time waste dropped significantly across the business. Now:
  • Attendants can initiate and record transactions at the fuel dispenser point of sale before fuel pumping starts.
  • Management has remote access to monitor transactions and the device status via smartphone.
  • Real-time device monitoring allows management to adjust settings and clear errors online.
  • The end-of-day process happens with a single command from the back-office system.
  • Managers have access to complete cash reports online, which helps with efficiency.

The Margin for Human Error Declines

People aren’t perfect. It’s just a fact of life. However, since having the Deposita cash recycling machine installed, the fuel station has experienced fewer instances of cash theft and reduced counting discrepancies.
  • Employees can rely on the device’s customised note guide for accuracy and ease of use, as it prevents the wrongful rejection of currency due to things like note misalignment.
  • Accurate end-of-day reports are generated and emailed to management.
  • Reduced temptation means fewer HR issues and less union interference. The cashiers remain cashiers, and the attendants remain attendants (cashier responsibilities are taken care of by the device).
  • Managers’ constant supervision and direct involvement are now largely unnecessary.

Money Theft Rates Drop as Cash Safety Vastly Improves

Tighter security is always a good thing when it comes to running a profitable business. Our Deposita Exchangor Teller keeps Viva’s funds safe and secure 24/7.
The device allows attendants to receive cash and activate the payment system by fingerprint only. In turn, this improves accountability by requiring each attendant to complete their customers’ transactions themself. A transaction started on the device doesn’t close until satisfied. The transaction responsibility is secure and lies with the individual who initiated it.
Cash theft becomes impossible without the device notifying management of tampering. Plus, employees no longer have direct access to money – once validated by the Exchangor Teller, it’s unreachable. Upon finalising a transaction, funds get deposited into a secure cassette.
Our Exchangor Teller fully validates and verifies all incoming cash, with counterfeit currency flagged instantly, for a speedy return to the customer. The device maintains float, too. Since it isn’t issued daily, the cash recycling machine keeps it safe, secure and stored away from interference.
Finally, fuel station forecourt supervision becomes redundant as the cash recycler keeps all funds on the premises under lock and key.

Deposita Has a Bespoke End-to-End Cash and Payment Management Solution for Your Business

We’re ready to assist whether your enterprise falls into the retail, wholesale or banking sector. Deposita has a variety of tailor-made cash and payment management solutions for your consideration.
Contact us to schedule a free consultation for a time that best suits your needs. Because at Deposita, we make a point of doing more with what’s yours – including your precious time.
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