At Deposita, we are dedicated to helping our clients save time, reduce costs, and improve their efficiency through effective cash management. To better understand the needs and concerns of you, our valued clients, we conducted a series of polls.



First of all, thank you for responding to each poll on the Deposita LinkedIn page with such enthusiasm. The insights we gained are invaluable and will help shape the future of our cash management solutions.
In this blog post, we share the results of those polls. We hope to arm you with easily-digestible information that will help you optimise cash management processes, streamline business operations, and ultimately improve your bottom line.


Versatile Cash Management Technology That Suits Various Sectors

We wanted to get to know the Deposita audience better, so our first poll enquired about different business sectors. It revealed that most voters were either in the retail (46%) or banking (45%) industry. Although only 9% of voters came from a wholesale background, Deposita’s cash management solutions are equally suitable for all three sectors.
Because our products are largely customisable, we offer tailored cash management systems of different scopes, sizes and types. What they all have in common is their secure, efficient and user-friendly nature.

How Deposita Devices Can Enhance Your Business Functions

Whatever the sector, enhancing business functions is of the utmost importance for an organised and profitable enterprise.
When asked what particular business functions voters wanted to improve, 77% said they desired better cash management results. The remainder of voters strived for more concise cash recycling, better cash handling hygiene and off-site cash monitoring solutions (8% each).
Deposita’s various devices address all these expectations and more, which means you can look forward to:
  • Automated cash handling, including coins and notes, as well as complete end-to-end recycling
  • Real-time visibility into all transactions and other key data points
  • Secure, tamper-proof money storage
  • Reduced fraud and human error risk
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • Customised capabilities

Our Most Popular Cash Management Solutions

Deposita offers a range of end-to-end cash and payment management solutions, each of which should lead to fortified peace of mind regarding money matters. Upon asking which of our products voters wanted more information on, 42% answered the Exchangor range, 37% the Protector range and 21% the Digitisor range.

Exchangor Cash Recycling Machines

The Exchangor range consists of the Exchangor Teller and Exchangor Chequer Plus. Our cash recycling machines reduce staff’s time spent on drawn-out cash-handling activities. They eliminate human error, speed up checkouts, and keep your funds safe by tracking them throughout the cash flow journey.
Other Standard Exchangor Device Features
  • Improved customer satisfaction, thanks to accelerated transaction completion
  • Better queue management and enhanced teller capabilities
  • Less time spent on start-and-end-of-day float administration and reconciliation
  • Access complete end-of-day reports with the press of a button
  • Safe, simple and secure maintenance

Protector Cash Management Devices

Deposita’s extensive Protector range features various Protector 1 200, 2 400, 3 000, 4 000, 10 000 and coin devices. Decades of design and engineering experience have and continue to go into these automated banking machines’ development. Apart from saving you time and money, Protector cash management devices keep your on-site funds safe and lower the odds of cash shrinkage, pilferage, and human-caused error.
Standard Protector Features Across the Range
  • Accurate financial reports
  • Connector Report: Track and view transactions, plus create custom reports online
  • 24/7 on-site cash monitoring with tamper notification
  • Streamlined and less frequent CIT collections
  • World-class quality and performance

Digitisor POS Systems

Despite cash reigning supreme, more and more customers want to make digital payments. Deposita’s range of Digitisor POS devices ensures secure, versatile, reliable and fast digital payments. This range removes any digital payment limitations you once experienced, allowing your business to reach its full potential.
Both Digitisor N910 Pro and N700 SmartPOS machines pack advanced technology into palm-sized devices.
Standard Digitisor SmartPOS Features
  • Secure payment-certified
  • Various payment options
  • Sleek and lightweight yet sturdy build
  • Dual camera which supports 1D/2D code payments
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex A1 Quad-Core, 1.1 GHz


Which Cash Deposit Machine Is Best For Your Business?

In the cash handling business? Take our survey. Find out which cash
deposit machine is best suited to help protect, secure, and boost your business.



Combating Cybercrime with Connector Software

When asking voters whether they’ve felt the effects of cybercrime on their business, 20% responded ‘yes’. All Deposita cash management devices are supported by our Connector financial software as a service, stopping cybercriminals in their tracks.
Apart from monitoring the hardware’s status around the clock, ensuring you’re always aware of what’s going on and when someone tries to tamper with your device, Connector software gives you the opportunity to:
  • Customise reports, meeting your business needs
  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of cash management across your business’ payment channels and operating systems
  • Secure, consolidate and share financial data quickly and easily with key decision makers

Discover How Your Business Can Benefit From a Tailored Cash Management Device

Upon asking voters whether they felt their business would benefit from a Deposita device, 28% were already convinced. If you’re part of the undecided 49% or even the 23% that don’t think their business would be better off, we’d love to hear from you.
Contact Deposita today for a free consultation. Allow us to identify and explain the tailored cash management solution, perfect for advancing your business. We look forward to helping you do more with what’s yours.
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