Fast food restaurants face unique cash handling challenges, where customer satisfaction and speedy service are of the essence. However, embracing the right solutions can lead to an improved environment for everyone. Customers, employees, all the way through to management, stand to benefit.
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Moving away from a manual cash handling process to an automated one is a highly impactful decision that can enhance operations across the board. Deposita has dedicated more than the last decade to developing world-class hardware and software for enhanced cash management.
Our hardware and software solutions are suitable for various sectors , but today we’re focusing on the difference they can make in a fast food setting.

Deposita Cash Handling Devices That Suit the Food Service Industry Perfectly

End-to-end cash management solutions make streamlining business finances a breeze. Although any Deposita device would benefit a food service business, the E xchangor and Digitisor ranges stand out.

Exchangor Devices

Deposita’s Exchangor devices are customisable semi and full self-service payment solutions which automate the shopping and checkout processes. Not only do they improve the customer experience by speeding up checkouts, but they also help your fast food business get more happy customers in and out the door.

Digitisor SmartPOS Solutions

The Deposita Digitisor range consists of two versatile POS devices: the N910 Pro and the N700. These lightweight cash handling solutions provide a fast, reliable and secure way of completing electronic payment t ransactions.
Due to their advanced technology, both the Digitisor N910 Pro and N700 support various payment methods, keeping all manner of clients happy in the process. On top of that, customers and employees alike get to enjoy their superior performance packed into a palm-sized package.

Why Your Fast Food Restaurant Should Embrace Automated Cash Handling

The old ways of doing things aren’t always the best and can, in fact, be what’s holding your business back. By embracing the future of cash handling, your fast food operation is sure to attract and retain more satisfied customers while making employees’ lives easier and, ultimately, those of management as well.
It’s time to leave time-consuming and tedious manual tasks behind and make the switch to automated processes.

1. More Informed Decision Making

Let’s face it: cash handling administration can really drag on for what feels like forever. Human error also easily slips in, which requires even more time to find where it all went wrong. And if the error is overlooked, it can significantly influence your insights and future decision making.
Enter a Deposita Exchangor Teller device featuring our advanced Connector Software as a Service . SaaS enables users to review their full transaction history and allows for a panoramic view of everything that’s happening in the end-to-end c ash flow cycle .
By downloading custom reports, you get to accurately determine your financial trajectory and identify emerging trends from the data.

2. Increased Accuracy

Combine a fast-paced work environment with manual cash handling, and the room for error increases exponentially. It’s only natural that, during a dinner rush, employees can make mistakes when counting cash and giving change.
With an E xchangor Teller solution, you take some pressure off employees and empower customers to order and pay for their meals with great accuracy: ASSISTANCE-FREE! This leaves employees to focus on other activities like high-quality food preparations.
Digitisor SmartPOS devices are particularly handy for sit-down establishments, bringing the payment method to the client’s table and being able to accept multiple payment options.

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3. Reduced Overhead Costs

Manual cash handling often results in higher overheads due to its drawn-out nature. When investing in automated cash management solutions like an E xchangor Teller, these devices take on the burden and deal with it accurately, efficiently and in record time.
End-of-shift float management, cash counting and reconciliation have become easier than ever before. Owners effectively cut back on labour costs while saving their workers from tiresome administration.

4. Better Customer Service

In a workplace as buzzing with activity as the food industry, customer service can quickly suffer neglect. As alluded to before, manual money management can take ages, which slows down the payment process, frustrating customers and putting employees under even more pressure to win back their favour.
Cash management devices, whether semi or full self-service like an Exchangor Teller or staff operated like a Digitisor, save plenty of time, which employees can dedicate to customer satisfaction-boosting activities.
Ensuring the establishment is spotless, speeding up food preparations, and tending to queries are just some ways to impress customers, which should leave a lasting impression and ensure return business.

5. Fewer Internal Losses

Human-led tasks are bound to feature some margin of error. And when we talk about manual cash handling, that error is typically misplaced (or even pilfered) money.
Because devices such as the Exchangor Teller and Digitisor take most of the money handling from employees’ hands, there’s less room for error, drastically reducing instances of financial loss.
And should any funds go missing, remember: Deposita’s Connector platform enables following up on individual transactions. It improves accountability too, since you can see who initiated a transaction, when and why.

Enjoy Vastly Improved Cash Handling With Deposita

Whether you own a fast food restaurant or find yourself in another industry, Deposita has just the automated cash management device to boost overall enterprise functionality.
Reach out to us today to discuss your business’ s unique cash handling needs. We’d love to help determine which device is right for you. After all, we’ve made it our mission to help you do more with what’s yours.

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