The Deposita Difference – A Cash Management Solutions Provider


Although we’re primarily known for our devices, at Deposita we offer so much more. A true cash management solutions provider, our dedication to innovation remains as fervent as it was when we first started 20 years ago.

Our mission since day one? To transform businesses like yours into thriving enterprises by providing smarter, more reliable, and ever-evolving solutions.

Read on for a closer look at our product catalogue, the significant investments we make to consistently improve our offering, and our plans for the future.


Always Focusing on What Matters


Trends come and go, but well-researched solutions endure. It’s true that market demands shift over time, but thorough research and development make a world of difference in any product’s lifespan, including cash management devices. Just ask Deposita.

Peter van der Westhuizen, our director of business enablement, revealed that market demands typically undergo a cyclical movement. However, in the past several years, consumers faced high cash volumes, requiring bespoke, high-speed, and high-capacity cash management solutions.

But Deposita found that cash volumes decreased slightly over the last 18 months, increasing customers’ price sensitivity. This revelation, as on many occasions before, drove us to fast-track the evolution of our solutions to better address consumer demands.

Despite decreasing money volumes, high-capacity devices improve efficiency in the overall cash management cycle. Cash businesses still greatly benefit from managing funds with these devices. Speaking of efficiency…


Streamlining Cash Management Solutions for Increased Efficiency


Two decades ago, the Deposita product lineup looked much different – comprising a single low-speed validator. It wasn’t a fully integrated device, with money only being credited to a customer’s account once manually verified at a cash centre.

Today, our cash management solutions include automated banking machines, cash recyclers, point-of-sale and self-service devices, as well as financial software as a service.

Our product range grew so much that it became imperative to perform regular market reviews to maintain relevancy. Sidalan Moodley, managing director of Deposita South Africa, confirmed this as a continued focus area to ensure we always stock in-demand solutions.

Since we serve a host of sectors, it’s important for us to not only meet, but exceed all their cash management expectations. The best way to do this is to listen to customer feedback and increase the efficiency of in-demand devices.


Investing in the Future


We invest significantly in our research and development team, ensuring they have all the resources required to deliver innovative results. Anything to provide you, our customers, with the best cash management solutions. Our priority investment areas include:

  • Hardware and software development
  • Equipment testing
  • The latest manufacturing machinery – to align with new design and build requirements

Dedicated investments into these key domains allow us to consistently meet customer demands on several fronts, outfitting devices with high speed, high capacity, and multi-validator solutions. Deposita devices also feature world-class security, bulk and check-out cash recycling capabilities, end-to-end banking integrations, several settlement options, and our bespoke Connector cash management software.

Take, for instance, our all-new Protector 10 000 d-s6. We’ve certainly made strides since the release of the first Protector 10 000; with this latest version being engineered to SABS standards, it cancels out threats and streamlines the cash flow process while also enhancing your employee and customer experience.


Resilience Through Innovation


Yes, continuous innovation is important, but so is delivering resilient cash management solutions. And, as is the case with any new development, it’s expensive.

Before any of our ideas move from the concept to the development phase, we run a complete cost and benefit analysis, which incorporates both market and segment insights on sales volumes. Furthermore, we also look into partnering with global cash management best practice demonstrators, since it decreases the time to market, cost to Deposita, and to our customers.


Testing the Limits


To keep delivering future-proof cash management solutions, one of our top priorities is ensuring we adhere to both local and international industry standards. Some of the quality standards we maintain are:

  • ISO 9001 – The most well-known quality management standard for enterprises of all sizes
  • ISO 27001 – Information security management systems implemented as per ISO 27001 are tools for risk management, cyber-resilience, and operational excellence
  • IEC 62368-1 – A hazard-based engineering standard that ensures the safety of electronic equipment by addressing risks related to power sources and interactions



Proactive Adaptations to Future-Proof Cash Management Solutions


When it comes to identifying which aspects of our devices need refinement, it mostly boils down to customer feedback – like we mentioned earlier. Without input and insights from the people we serve, we wouldn’t have been able to engineer nearly as effective cash management solutions.

On top of customer feedback, we also use our extensive global footprint and international industry insights as critical aspects of our innovation, design, and implementation roadmap.

Finally, we do detailed analyses on our internal Deposita analytics tools. These help us determine hardware and software trends on our own estate to consistently improve performance across all our products.


Expanding Horizons


Deposita remains at the forefront of innovation by researching multiple platforms and sources before taking action. Our team reviews global cash management changes, hardware trends, and software risk improvements. Attending industry trade shows and seminars also lets us stay up-to-date on the latest developments.


Breaking New Ground


Over the past 12 months, Deposita has been running an integration project with KCB Bank Uganda. This is just the start of a greater growth trajectory within the East African cash management market. Three primary factors drive our African growth strategy:

  1. Cash intensive countries
  2. Cash growth countries
  3. Market segment / customer demands

But exciting opportunities aren’t just limited to our home continent…


Local Impact, Global Reach


Deposita’s cash management solutions have made an impact around the world. In fact, aside from Africa, our end-to-end systems can be found in Europe, Asia, as well as North and South America.

To date, our hardware and software has been integrated into 29 banks and financial institutions worldwide. We also have a presence in 25 countries (including Serbia and Greece) with a total estate in excess of 6 000 devices outside of South African borders.


Choose Deposita for Tailored Cash Management Solutions


When you choose Deposita, you not only choose the smart way to do business, but you ultimately choose to thrive.

Get in touch today to discuss bespoke cash management solutions that suit your individual needs. We’d love to help you do more with what’s yours.


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