It is widely believed that corporations are mainly interested in growing their revenue and profits while appealing to their shareholders. Companies that put the planet and people before profit are few and far between.

However, while every business is out to make money, profit is not always about cash in the bank. At Deposita, we have a heart for people and believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we quickly responded when we heard about an NGO in Soweto struggling with resources.

In this article, we speak to Deposita Learning and Development Manager, Lindiwe Machaya. She talks about why our company decided to answer this particular need – without our products or services being the stars of the show.

Two children using a new computer donated by Deposita.
Deposita donated computers to the Born to Win Foundation’s education and technology centre.

Tell Us More About the NGO

The project beneficiary was Soweto’s own Born to Win Foundation. They are a valued NGO that has been involved in community development for two decades. This organisation aims to address society’s social ills by actively engaging young people and children in development programmes that prepare them for a brighter future.

While the NGO has a solid backbone in terms of mission and vision, there was a dire need for facility improvements. Once Deposita heard about the situation, we wasted no time getting involved. We provided the much-needed resources required, which allowed Born to Win to improve their services and create a better environment for their beneficiaries and themselves.

Kids are partaking in the Born to Win Foundation’s childhood development programmes.
Soweto’s Born to Win Foundation offers childhood development programmes.

Deposita is passionate about helping customers. Why did the company feel called to aid an NGO?

Deposita loves the idea of playing a positive role in the community – helping others do more with what they have at their disposal. We wanted to make a difference without necessarily having it link back to our product and service offering.

As an employee, I find Deposita’s commitment to helping others admirable, especially when many other companies are more focused on profits than people. Deposita demonstrated that we care and want everyone to benefit from our success by taking a proactive approach towards uplifting communities in need.

You don’t have to do good only when it benefits you. Deposita saw the need and decided to make a difference right there and then.
Children are enjoying a jungle gym that Deposita refurbished.
Deposita refurbished the NGO’s playgrounds.

How did Deposita add value to the Born to Win Foundation?

Essentially, by improving what they had before. Born to Win Foundation contributes significantly to the development needs of youth education. Deposita expanded the computer centre, allowing it to accommodate more students.

Unemployed graduates receive technical training at the computer centre to become competitive in the market. So far, 20 beneficiaries have received SETA-accredited training on end-user computing.

Kids are busy having fun on a playground.
The kids were especially grateful for the refurbished playground equipment.

Deposita added great value by providing the resources to make this project a success. The service providers also did a sterling job. Ultimately, the NGO’s young beneficiaries are safer and happier than ever before.

What improvements did Deposita make to the foundation’s assets?

We helped the Born to Win Foundation with the following:

1. Education and Technology Centre Upgrade

Deposita bought furniture, a flat-screen TV, and ten computers, upgrading the education and technology centre as a whole. Security cameras were also installed around the premises.

2. Sports Academy and Preschool Enhancement

Working with what was available, we refurbished the playgrounds and added air-conditioning, sports kits, and related equipment. We also had to ensure we secured the area very well to protect all beneficiaries and their assets.

3. Solar Energy Additions

Current issues with load-shedding and a reliable electricity supply throughout the country have created a massive window of opportunity for renewable energy solutions. To give Born to Win a helping hand in this department, we installed a series of solar panels to supplement energy shortfalls and help them save money.

What was the most impactful part of working on the Soweto project?

Witnessing the positive impact on the community.
Deposita arrives at the Born to Win Foundation NGO in Soweto.
Upon arriving at the Born to Win Foundation, Deposita was greeted by smiling faces.

Working with the people of Soweto gave Deposita insight into the area’s culture and allowed us to build meaningful relationships with locals. This made the experience even more rewarding as we learned from each other while helping to make a difference in the community.

Another great thing about working on this project is knowing that there is longevity to it. As a catalyst for change, Deposita plans on developing and maintaining funding models to ensure long-term sustainability.

What was different or special about this Deposita NGO project?

The project was unique because such initiatives are very rare in Soweto. A private company investing in the community, as Deposita did, is unheard of.

The impact was immediate and tangible. The computer centre will provide many people with skills that are urgently needed in today’s market.

Thanks to this project, the youth and children of Soweto will be exposed to technology at an early age so that they can improve their own skills to be competitive in the job market.

A TV displays several security camera views.
The security cameras installed around the premises keep all beneficiaries and NGO assets safe.

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